These are the wacky, random, lesser thoughts of K. M. Herkes.

This is a companion microblog to Stuff & Nonsense, the blog on my website at  Why does it exist? Simple. I love my Facebook tribe, but I was losing hours scrolling past other peoples’ posts when I only meant to share a short remark.  The post/check notifications/comment gerbil wheel never stops turning, and I’m vulnerable to temptation.

If I post here instead, I can share my own pithy, practical, snarky remarks on life as I experience it without getting trapped in a feedback loop.

Why not Twitter?  It takes ten times longer for me to refine a thought into 140 characters than it does to type it out in all its rambling glory. I am lazy.

Why not refrain from posting, since no one really needs to know my every precious insight?  Because ego? Maybe. Because it makes me happier, definitely.