August 7. The word is blatherskite.

Hee. This word. It slithers greasy and slick off the tongue. Perfectly evocative of the kind of the kind of person the word describes. For those unfamiliar with blatherskite as a term, here be the definition according to Grandiloquent Word of the Day, which is where I first learned of it.

Blatherskite (BLATH•ur•skyte)
-Someone who speaks at great length without saying anything important.
-A person who talks at great length without making much sense.
-A person who blathers on a lot.

From Scots, alteration of blather skate, from “blather” or “blether” – blather + “skate” – a contemptible person
First Known Use: circa 1650

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ANYway. It’s an old word that deserves more modern usage, it really is. It’s a fun word describing the un-fun kind of person to run into at a party or to have to endure as a commencement speaker. I’m pretty sure being a blatherskite is a requirement for anyone who looking for a career in infomercial hosting or reality show participation.

And national political punditry of course. Blatherskites all over the blogosphere, oh, yes.


Word provided by John Gardner